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    VLBI software resources

    There are a number of repositories on github, where stations can find code for their backends, recorders, and all kind of helpful tools for observations and calibration.

    EVN-VLBI: https://github.com/evn-vlbi our EVN TOG softare repository with station scripts.

    This was newly installed for the 2019 EVN TOG meeting and should replace the different pages with scripts that are on this deki wiki. Most of them are pretty old and likely need updates. Please have a look if you use a more modern version of one of the scripts. We can add you to the group on github, so that you can contribute or you can send us the code and we upload it.

    Other resources from different institutes include:

    JIVE-VLBI: https://github.com/jive-vlbi with e.g. jive5ab and pySCHED

    MPIfR-VLBI: https://github.com/mpifr-vlbi/ e.g. python ultilites for the DBBC3 and Mark6 recorder.

    NVI Inc: https://github.com/nvi-inc VLBI Field System code and tools and FS development versions.

    Hat-Lab: https://www.hat-lab.cloud/ DBBC2, DBBC3, and Fila10G Firmware and software.

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