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    More Info at

    Field notes can be found here and  at

    The archive of emails to the dbbc users mail exploder is at

    A report on Yebes DBBC implementation can be found at

    Effelsberg FS control of DBBC  has been used for June 2011 and October 2011 EVN sessions. FS station code tree is on , a description on .  This station code is a 'plain vanilla'  implementation which should fix problems experienced with the previous "apex" version.  Effelsberg-specific things have been cut out of this code to avoid confusion, this may have introduced some errors, therefore it is recommended to check carefully that  a command for instance to dbbc01 does really change the settings of that channel.

    There is also an FS implementation for RDBE control which has been adapted from Arecibo code, same outgoing directory as above contains minimal docu and station code

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