Observatory Status

    Current status of EVN observatories

    Due to the current health situation around the world some observatories have limited staff available, have reduced observing times. or closed their facilities. For an overview please indicate in the table below the status of your observatory. Thanks


    Station Comment
    Arecibo The 305m radio telescope is not operational. (1.12.2020)
    Badary Regular observations (25.04.2020)

    Regular observations, regular technical support on site. (24.08.2020)



    Under lockdown as of March 26th.  Remote operation continuing, but no technical support.

    Update April 14th. Geodesy declared an essential service, so technical support now also possible.  Lockdown extended until at least the end of April, but regular (remotely operated) observations continue.

    Update May 20th: Lockdown restrictions reduced from May 1st, allowing limited staffing as needed. Remotely operated observations continue and should suffice for upcoming session.

    Update Aug 26th: although lockdown regulations permit full reopening, only a skeleton crew is on-site. Full (remote) operations continue but with somewhat limited maintenance.

    Irbene Currently no impact on observations
    JIVE Working at home. See note.
    Jodrell & MERLIN

    Mk2 and other eMERLIN telescope are back in operation as of June 1 2020.

    Kunming Regular observations. CE-4 observations(when EL>7 degree) except  between16th to 23rd every lunar month. (03.04.2020)
    KVN Regular observations.

    Stop on September 2024 till march 2025 for active surface  installation.

    Metsähovi Still regular observations, limited technical support (update: 26.8.2020).

    Update 24/03. At the moment, virus spread seems to be under control in Sicily. Nevertheless due to the regulations and restrictions imposed by Goverment we can have very limited number of people at the station. The telescope is still idle for the technical problem that forced us to skip the previous session. The maintenace, orginally planned for March the 16th, was postponed to a to-be-defined date.

    Update 14/04. Restrictions are extended to May the 3rd by National Goverment. No developments regarding operations will be possible before this date. 

    Update 19/05. Restriction rules lowered by a lot. Telescope is idle due to a mechanical issue. Timeline on maintenance and repair will be decided sooner than later.  


    Update 20/8: We have organised us to keep a daily presence below 50% of normal capacity. This includes the observational support, lab, computer group, etc.

    Update 20/8: 20 m: geo-VLBI/astro-VLBI sessions/single dish mostly done remotely from home. Limited support. Best effort basis.

    Update 20/8: 25 m: Observations mostly done remotely from home. Limited support. Best effort basis.

    Robledo Under lockdown as of March 13.  Remote operation continuing, but no technical support. (24.03.2020)

    Update 20/04. Due to INAF regulation and Government restrictions, only a couple of people can be at the telescope at the same time. We need daily authorization by our Director to go either to the institute (forced to work from home till 15 September) or to the telescope. Sr is under maintenance at the moment.

    Update 28/10. Observing regularly, both single dish and VLBI modes, under some INAF regulation due to the pandemic.

    Svetloe Regular observations (25.04.2020)
    T6 (Shanghai)

    Update 25/5:  Antenna maintenance

    The upper structures of the Tianma telescope with around 1300 tons include the rational pitch mechanism, back-up structure, quadripod and sub-reflector. We are preparing for lifting the upper structures and welding the pitch axes. This work will last about more than one month, from 15th April to 10th June.

    We will miss the e-VLBI session on 12th May, and the regular session II may also be affected.

    Torun Still regular observations, limited technical support. (24.03.2020)
    Urumqi Back in normal operation. (23.03.2020)
    Westerbork Still regular observations, remote operations, some engineers still on site.
    Yebes Regular observations
    Zelenchukskaya Regular observations (25.04.2020)


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