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    This page will describe the procedures to run eVLBI with the DBBC3.

    The first hurdle to take is to organize a netowrk capable of tranferring data between the DBBC3 and the correlator. When upgrading from the DBBC2, we have to take into account that the DBBC2 + FILA10G allow a setup where one ethernet output of the FILA10G is reserved for eVLBI, while the other is used for local recording. The ethernet output for local recording might be directly connected to the recorder, while the other ethernet output is connected through a switch with the correlator. Since all ethernet outputs of the DBBC3 might be used simultaneously, for different data streams, this setup can not be used for the DBBC3.

    Two possible solutions are:

    1. Connect all ethernet outputs of the DBBC3 to a switch that can route the data streams to both the local recorder(s) and the correlator.
    2. Use the local recorder to forward the data streams to the correlator. This solution has been implemented and tested at Medicina and Noto and is described in the document attached below, written by Giuseppe Maccaferri.
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