Recorders EVN status

    PAGE OUT OF DATE. See  Mark6/Flexbuff status




    Recorders at the EVN stations

    Station Flexbuff/disk space Flexbuff at JIVE/disk space Mark5


    Badary     Mark5B+
    Effelsberg 2x Mark6 Flexbuff/101 Mark5B+
    HartRAO Flexbuff/360 Flexbuff/202 Mark5B+/Mark5C
    Irbene Flexbuff/288 Flexbuff/288  2 x Mark5C
    Kunming     Mark5B+
    Jodrell     Mark5B
    Medicina Flexbuff/360TB Flexbuff/360  
    Metsähovi Flexbuff    
    Noto Flexbuff 360 TB Flexbuff Mark5B+
    Onsala Flexbuff/0.92PB Flexbuff/641 TB  
    Sardinia Flexbuff / 360TB+500TB Flexbuff / 360 TB Mark5C
    Shanghai     Mark5B+
    Svetloe     Mark5B+
    Tanma     Mark5B / Mark5B+
    Torun Flexbuff / 630TB Flexbuff / 250TB Mark5B
    Ulsan     Mark5B / Mark5B+
    Urumqi     Mark5B+
    Westerbork Flexbuff/204TB Flexbuff/400TB Mark5B
    Yebes Flexbuff/216, Flexbuff/360 Flexbuff/360 1 x Mark5B+
    Yonsei     Mark5B / Mark5B+
    Zelenchukskaya     Mark5B+


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