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    Utilities that can be used at stations to help with VLBI observations. The scripts are at the bottom of the page and be downloaded.

    • Generation of antab files for continuous calibration (80 Hz). Usage:
      antabfs.py fs_log_file
    • Checking if schedules at the station are updated. The script logs in vlbeer and checks the VEX files at the station against the version in the FTP site and shows the results. If the file is outdated it warns the user. Usage:
      checkvexversions.py  monthyear stationCode     (Example: checkvexversions.py oct15 Ys)
    • Checking the quality of amplitude calibration after correlation and analysis. The data are downloaded from JIVE web page: http://archive.jive.nl/exp/. Usage:
      getampcal.py year month stationCode    (Example: get_ampcal.py 2015 10 YS)
    • Script for transferring GPS files to Vlbeer?
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    Update to support LO LSB calculation
    89.63 kB09:14, 6 May 2019francisco.beltranActions
    Copy the extracted data from the recorder to the FS and use mk5access tools.To be used with checkdata_vdifNew_display.py
    3.21 kB15:07, 11 Apr 2017vicenteActions
    Plots the autocorrelation. To be used with checkdata.py
    3.39 kB15:07, 11 Apr 2017vicenteActions
    Check the local schedules against the ones in vlbeer FTP
    5.33 kB18:12, 27 Jan 2016vicenteActions
    Get the quality of the amplitude calibration from experiments already analysed at JIVE
    6.89 kB18:12, 27 Jan 2016vicenteActions
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