Disks sess. 2015 - 1

    Disks at JIVE correlator



    Disks at Bonn correlator

      Modules being assembled: ~10x 32 TB  

    Disks at stations

    Station Disks available New disks planned Quantization of disks in TB
    Yebes 72 TB   2x2TB,1x4TB,4x16TB
    HartRAO 2 TB 5 x 32TB 1x2TB
    Effelsberg 30 TB   1x (16, 8, 4, 2) TB
    Shanghai 29.4 5x16TB 1*1.4TB, 4*2TB, 1*4TB, 1*16TB.
    Torun 7.2 TB   2x2 TB, 1x3.2 TB
    Onsala 160TB   5 x 32TB
    Jodrell 125.31TB   2x32TB 3x16TB, 1x8TB, 2x2TB, 1x1.31TB
    Medicina 109TB 1 x 16TB 3x16T, 1x 6T, 4x4T,1x3.2T,9x2T,3x1.4T
    Noto 28TB   2x2TB, 3x4TB, 1x6TB(1Gbps), 1x6TB(512Mbps)
    Metsähovi 28.68TB - 1x16TB,1x3.2TB,4x2TB,1x1.48TB
    Westerbork 10.4TB   2x2TB,2x3.2TB
    Svetloe 3.2TB - 3.2TBx1
    Zelenchukskaya 6TB - 6TBx1
    Badary 8TB - 8TBx1
    Yonsei 1.4TB   1X1.4TB
    Ulsan 1.4TB   1X1.4TB


    9.4TB   1X8TB + 1X1.4TB
    Sardinia 145.48   16TBx7, 8TBx2, 8TB (1024), 6TB (1024), 2TB (1024), 1.48TB (1024)


    Please add any disk space you enter to this page to the value below

    TB total stations + Correlators TB total planned Total

    626 TB

    576 TB 1204 TB
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