Java Field System Log File Client

    What is jfslog?

    jfslog is a Java program originally devised to help ocassional users monitor VLBI observations at the 40m telescope. Fs log files get constantly updated and users not familiar with it have a tendency to ignore the flow of messages. The FS already provides some utilities to display the observation status but we believed that unifying them in a single window and adding a graphical representation of the system temperatures that upgrades along time may be appealing and easily followable by observers. All information displayed is obtained from the LOG file and not from shared memory. This property allows to run this application outside the FS host. It is also possible to transfer in real time the log file to a third host and view it from there.


    Here is a snapshot, so that you can see it at a glance:




    Documentation on how to install and run jfslog: jfslog.pdf


    Download application

    Site where you can download jfslog from:


    Script to transfer log in real time

    Patched shell script to transfer log in real time. Original version is from Des Small (JIVE). You have to edit the script and setup three variables:

    • export username=user
    • export targethost=host.hostdomain
    • export targetdir=targetdirectory


    Script can be downloaded from:

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