Disks sess. 2015 - 2

    Disks at JIVE correlator

    684 TB  


    Disks at Bonn correlator

    633 TB   13x2TB, 3x2.4TB, 12x3.2TB, 14x4TB, 3x6TB, 13x8TB, 2x16TB, 11x32TB

    Disks at stations

    Station Disks available New disks planned Quantization of disks in TB
    Yebes 37.4 TB   2x16TB, 2x2TB, 1x1.4TB
    HartRAO 96 TB   3x32TB
    Effelsberg 12 TB   1x8, 1x4 TB
    Torun 6 TB   3x2TB
    Onsala 80 TB   1x2TB, 1x6TB, 1x8TB, 2x32TB
    Jodrell 73.31 - 1x32TB, 2x16TB, 1x8TB, 1x1.31TB
    Medicina 63TB   1x16TB, 1x6TB, 5x4TB, 1x3.2TB, 7x2TB, 3x1.31TB
    Noto 82TB   1x16TB, 2x24TB, 1x8TB,1x6TB,1x4TB
    Metsähovi 26.68TB - 1x16TB,1x3.2TB,3x2TB,1x1.48TB
    Westerbork 12.4TB   1x6TB,2x3.2TB
    Svetloe 0TB   -
    Zelenchukskaya 6TB   1x6TB
    Badary 0TB   -
    Yonsei 0TB    
    Ulsan 0TB    


    8TB   1x8TB
    Sardinia 88TB   4x16TB, 3x8TB


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    TB total stations + Correlators TB total planned Total
    1907.79   1907.79 TB
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