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    The EVN-Monitor is a real-time monitoring system for all EVN stations. The EVN-Monitor is able to track all items from the NASA Field System System Status Monitor, this include parameters such as weather information, clock offsets, TSYS measurements, etc. A full list of items which can be tracked is listed below. 

    The EVN-Monitor system was originally developed as part of the JUMPING JIVE project, the service is hosted by JIVE. The system is based on the Zabbix monitoring software.

    The service can be reached at https://evn-monitor.jive.eu

    Start contributing

    To contribute to the EVN Monitor please send your public ssh key to keimpema [at] jive.eu. We will also need the IP (range) from which you will be accessing the EVN Monitor so we can whitelist you in our firewall.

    An account will then be created and you will receive your username via email.

    Uploading data

    Uploading data to the EVN Monitor is done by calling a program called datasend over ssh. For example to upload a windspeed of 10 km/h is done by calling

    ssh username@evn-monitor.jive.eu datasend ERC.WINDSPEED 10.0

    Where in the above example username should be replaced with the username you received after your account was created.

    A full list supported items that can be tracked by the EVN monitor is listed in Appendix A, this list can also be obtained from datasend by calling


    ssh username@evn-monitor.jive.eu datasend -l
    Furthermore, general help can be gotten by calling
    ssh username@evn-monitor.jive.eu datasend -h


    usage: datasend [-h] [-t TIME] [-l] KEYWORD value

    Upload items into the EVN-Monitor


    positional arguments:

    KEYWORD Name of item, e.g. ERC.WINDSPEED; Use --list for a full list of keywords

    value The value of the item to be logged


    optional arguments:

    -h, --help show this help message and exit

    -t TIME, --time TIME Time of data point as number of seconds since 1970 aka unix time. Default: the current time when this script is called.

    -l, --list Show list of accepted keywords

    Supported Keywords

    Below is a table of all supported keywords, items in bold are recommended items for an initial set of parameters to contribute.


    Keyword Unit Help
    ERC.ANTENNA Text Antenna name
    ERC.AZIMUTH Degrees Antenna azimuth
    ERC.CABLE ps Cable delay
    ERC.CATALOGYEAR Year Year of astronomical catalogue used
    ERC.CHECKS Text Activated NASA Field System checks
    ERC.DEC Text Declination of Source
    ERC.DOTMON µs Clock delay (GPS - FMOUT)
    ERC.DOTMON2 µs Clock delay (GPS - FMOUT)
    ERC.ELEVATION Degrees Antenna elevation
    ERC.FBFREE TB Free diskspace on flexbuff
    ERC.HALT Text Scheduling halt status
    ERC.HUMIDITY % Meteorological humidity
    ERC.IF1 Kelvin System temperature of IF channel 1
    ERC.IF2 Kelvin System temperature of IF channel 2
    ERC.IF3 Kelvin System temperature of IF channel 3
    ERC.IF4 Kelvin System temperature of IF channel 4
    ERC.LOG Text Current log file name
    ERC.MODE Text Mode
    ERC.NEXTTIME Text Time of next activity
    ERC.PRESSURE hPa Meteorological pressure
    ERC.RA Text Right ascension of source
    ERC.RATE Text Rate
    ERC.SCHEDULE Text Current schedule
    ERC.SOURCE Text Source name
    ERC.TEMPERATURE Celcius Meteorological temperature
    ERC.TIME Text Current Field System time
    ERC.TRACKINGSTATE Text Current tracking state
    ERC.WINDDIRECTION Degrees Wind direction
    ERC.WINDSPEED km/h Wind speed
    ERC.WINDLIMIT km/h Wind speed limit (max speed before antenna is stowed)
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