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    1. All: Beam-maps at L- and C-band and send them to Keimpema
      + Bach investigate use of HOLOG for creating beam maps

    2. All: Upgrade to SDK9.4 first at the correlators then at the stations.

    3. All: 80 Hz continuous calibration. Update the table:

    4. Vicente: find atm binary or preferably source code for distribution, that can be used to calculate opacity from FS weather information and inject it into the log.

    5. Bach, Rottmann: look at EHT station set-up document and see if it could be modified for use in the EVN

    6. Bach: to contact subgroup of interested/experts and to investigate how Tsys and opacity are determined at K band and higher at stations to improve K-band amplitude calibration.

    7. Rottmann and Leeuwinga: send emails to owners of 2 – 4 TB modules and ask what should be done with them.

    8. Rottmann: set up meeting with Verkouter, Kettenis, Alef, Rottmann and Wagner, to discuss the best format of VDIF packets.

    9. Marcote, Bach, Campbell: Better impact reporting discussion and/or implementation.

    10. Bach: invite group of interested/experts for working on DBBC3 support in the Field System.

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