2023 Session II (c232)

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    Correlation Status





    DOYS Freq Stations Status Comment
    f232a   286 86 Nn,On, Ef, Mh done fringe test
    c232a   286,287 86      

    General comments

    Effelsberg   e-transfer in progress
    Onsala   e-transfer in progress
    Metsahovi   e-transfer in progress
    NOEMA MPI%8008 MPI%8023 in Bonn
    VLBA BR MPI%1209 in Bonn
    VLBA FD MPI%8029 in Bonn
    VLBA MK MPI%1205 in Bonn
    VLBA NL   not in Bonn, not sent?
    MPI%8021 Bonn=>NL received 19Sept2023 in NL, not returned
    VLBA OV MPI%1208 in Bonn
    VLBA KP MPI%8026 in Bonn
    VLBA PT MPI%8015 in Bonn
    VLBA LA MPI%8028 in Bonn
    KVN Ky   in Bonn
    KVN Kt   in Bonn
    Haystack Hs   no data

    VLBA scheduled: NL FD LA PT KP OV BR MK
    KVN note: "In 4Gbps mode such as c232a, RR and LL are included in single vdif file. There is no 1-3 file this time."

    Recording media

    see: media distribution plan

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