2021 Apr (c211)

    Correlation Status





    Sources DOYS UT

    Freq, GHz

    Stations Status PI Comment
      F211A   112 1200-1500 86 EVN done   fringe test
    MK013B MK013B M87 (1228+126) 112-113 1800-1100 86 ALMA, EVN+GLT, KVN, VLBA+GBT correlation finished, ... Kim ML010 in IRAM source setting
    MB016A C211A NGC1052 (0238-084) 113-114 0900-0056 43, 86 EVN, VLBA+GBT correlation finished, data released to PI Baczko

    7mm interleaved scans

    MS004 C211A 3C273 (1226+023) 113-114 1630-1052 86 EVN+GLT, VLBA correlation finished, data released to PI Savolainen


    MB018A C211A NGC315 (0055+300) 114 0315-1826 43, 86 EVN+GLT, KVN, VLBA correlation finished, data released to PI Boccardi 7mm interleaved scans
    MK017B1+B2 C211B Neutrino:0506+056,
    114-115 1400-1325 43, 86 EVN+GLT, VLBA correlation finished, data released to PI Kadler 7mm interleaved scans
    POLCAL1 C211B pol. calibrators 114-115 1400-2020 86 VLBA correlation finished, data released to PI Krichbaum  
    MG006B MG006B OJ287 (0851+202) 115-116 1300-0800 86 ALMA, EVN+GLT, VLBA, KVN correlation finished, polconversion finished Gomez MG008 in IRAM source setting
    POLCAL2 C211C pol. calibrators 116 0100-1352 86 EVN, VLBA correlation finished, data released to PI Krichbaum  
    MP002 C211C 3C84 (0316+413) 116-117 0645-0152 86 EVN+GLT, KVN, VLBA correlation finished, data released to PI Paraschos  
    LINECAL C211D line sources 116-117 2200-0330 86, 88 ALMA, EVN, VLBA preliminary/test correlations Crew Spectroscopic test

    General comments

    ALMA Mark6 Module Info
    VLBIRecorder1                                           BAND POL
    1234:1:MPI%8021/80000/4/8:8:8:55907:80000:open:ready:sg  b1   X
    1234:2:MPI%8026/80000/4/8:8:8:55907:80000:open:ready:sg  b1   X
    1234:3:MPI%8028/80000/4/8:8:8:55907:80000:open:ready:sg  b1   Y
    1234:4:MPI%8029/80000/4/8:8:8:55907:80000:open:ready:sg  b1   Y
    VLBIRecorder2                                           BAND POL
    1234:1:MPI%8007/80000/4/8:8:8:68859:80000:open:ready:sg  b2   X
    1234:2:MPI%8008/80000/4/8:8:8:68859:80000:open:ready:sg  b2   X
    1234:3:MPI%8015/80000/4/8:8:8:68859:80000:open:ready:sg  b2   Y
    1234:4:MPI%8018/80000/4/8:8:8:68859:80000:open:ready:sg  b2   Y
    VLBIRecorder3                                           BAND POL
    1234:1:MPIH%004/48008/4/8:8:8:41088:48008:open:ready:sg  b3   X
    1234:2:MPIP%013/48008/4/8:8:8:41088:48008:open:ready:sg  b3   X
    1234:3:MPIH%015/48008/4/8:8:8:41079:48008:open:ready:sg  b3   Y
    1234:4:MPIH%021/48008/4/8:8:8:41078:48008:open:ready:sg  b3   Y
    VLBIRecorder4                                           BAND POL
    1234:1:MPIH%024/48008/4/8:8:8:41078:48008:open:ready:sg  b4   X
    1234:2:MPIH%037/48008/4/8:8:8:41078:48008:open:ready:sg  b4   X
    1234:3:MPIH%039/48008/4/8:8:8:41078:48008:open:ready:sg  b4   Y
    1234:4:MPIH%046/48008/4/8:8:8:41078:48008:open:ready:sg  b4   Y
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