2022 Session II (c222)

    Correlation Status





    Sources DOYS UT Freq Stations Status PI Comment
      f222a   279 12:00 - 16:50 86 European     fringe test
      c222a   279            
      c222b   280            
      c222c   281            
      c222d   283            

    General comments

    • Session info: http://www3.mpifr-bonn.mpg.de/div/vlbi/globalmm/
    • Station feedback: https://www3.mpifr-bonn.mpg.de/div/vlbi/globalmm/sessions/oct22/feedback_oct22.asc
    • VLBA KP and SC did not observe, PT had issues most of the time
    • NOEMA pad N05 (noemaPadPositions.py: site_position = 4523970.48624 m: 468039.209642 m: 4460342.19520 m;)
    • NOEMA had eight antennas phased and unintentionally a R&S SMA100A synthesizer until 09-OCT-2022 02:47:31.500 UT, then from 09-OCT-2022 18:37:09.000 UT had nine antennas phased and used the main VLBI synthesizer R&S SMA100B.
    • NOEMA GPS devices bricked by week number rollover some days before session, C222A alas had PolyFix 6 (LCP) not reliably synchronized (and outside +-256 usec widest search window so far), likewise early C222B, then sync recovered starting from C222B scan No0218 (281-0930).

    Recording media


    Station Required [TB] Media Capacity Status (Nov 2022)
    PT 72 MPI%8007 80 arrived in Bonn 27oct2002
    NL 72 MPI%8008 80 arrived in Bonn 27oct2002
    OV 72 MPI%8015 80 arrived in Bonn 27oct2002
    MK 72 MPI%8019 80 arrived in Bonn 27oct2002
    BR 72 MPI%8021 80 arrived in Bonn 27oct2002
    GB 72 MPI%8026 80 arrived in Bonn 20oct2002
    FD 72 MPI%8028 80 arrived in Bonn 27oct2002
    LA 72 MPI%8029 80 in SOC; confirm shipment to station with NRAO
    HN 23 MPIH%016 48 arrived in Bonn 27oct2002
    SC 23 MPIH%017 48 (never shipped; all tracks "SC out, FRM failure") 
    NOEMA 2 x 49 MPI%8022 MPI%8023 2 x 80 arrived in Bonn 27oct2002
    PV 48 MPI%8011 MPI%8030 2 x 80 will remain at PV; e-transfer complete
    EF 48 e-transfer   e-transfer complete
    YS 48 e-transfer   e-transfer complete
    MH 48 e-transfer   e-transfer complete
    ON 48 e-transfer   e-transfer ongoing
    KVN 3 x 36 e-transfer   incomplete?
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