2022 Session I (c221)

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    Correlation Status





    Sources DOYS UT Freq Stations Status PI Comment
      f221a   90 12:00- 16:50 86 European     fringe test
      c221a   90-91 17:00 - 23:52 +1d 43, 86 Global     v1 released to PIs, Mopra not PolConverted
      c221b   91-92 15:45 - 23:52 +1d 43, 86 Global     v1 released to PIs
      c221c   92-93 19:00 - 23:55 +1d 43, 86 Global     v1 packaged (*), Mopra not PolConverted
      c221d   93-94 22:00 - 23:39 +1d 43, 86 Global     v1 packaged (*)
      c221e   94-95 22:20 - 18:30 +1d 86 Global     3mm correlation running, Mopra not PolConverted

    *) release currently not possible due MPIfR FTP server outage since 06jan2023

    General comments

    Scan to project splitting file C221-split.v1.txt

    ALMA cancelled the post-EHT GMVA observing run as major issues turned up with the ALMA H-maser.

    LMT cancelled their post-EHT GMVA observation after shortage in staffing. 

    In DiFX, wide clock search done with find_RadioAstron_Fringe and 163840 channels over 64 MHz.

    Station feedback https://www3.mpifr-bonn.mpg.de/div/vlbi/globalmm/sessions/apr22/feedback_apr22.asc

    EVN H-maser logs

    For maser drift cf. gps logs on vlbeer, mar22, apr22 - most are offsets vs MJD. Automatic download and drift rate fitting with the evnGPS.py script.

    Haystack Hs

    In track C221C station Hs is to be correlated at Haystack. Bonn extracted data of scans 093-0015 093-0030 093-0045 093-0100 093-0115 and 093-0600 from stations EF, YS, OV, PT, KP, and e-transferred them 03may2022 to Haystack for processing there.

    Pico Veleta

    Krichbaum gathered Tsys and Log information into ftp://vlbeer.ira.inaf.it/vlb_arc/ftp/vlbi_arch/apr22/c221-pv-Logs.tgz

    f221a: Lost completely due to bad weather (Snow, Wind)
    c221a: A large fraction lost due to weather (Snow, Wind). Storm then passes and sky becomes clear, with low opacity tau225~0.15. Start recording at 12:00UTC. Done 11.3% of the schedule.
    c221b: Done 100% under excellent weather
    c221c: Done 100% with some fog and thin clouds, not affecting much the quality of the data.
    c221d: Done first part with cloudy sky. Have to stop in scan no 0177 due to snow and wind. Done 66.3% of the schedule.
    c221e: Bad weather keeps antenna stowed except for a window of ~1.5 hr when we can record with fog and some clouds. Done 23.7% of the schedule.

    ATCA 86 GHz

    Info from Cormac R. The ATCA data for Bonn are tracks A, C, E.

    ATCA recordings are dual datastream 2-ch 2-bit with c221?_DAS1_*.lba files containing the first 64 MHz band (dual pol), and c221?_DAS1_*.lba the second 64 MHz band. Requires v2d format=LBASTD.

    Filelists produced via DiFX chk_vlbi.py, e.g.,

    ls -1 /data/c221a/atca/*.lba > atca_c221a.datafiles
    chk_vlbi.py atca_c221a.datafiles > x
    grep DAS1 x > at_das1.flist
    grep DAS2 x > at_das2.flist

    Reference antenna was on pad W45 (track A), W45 (track C), W45 (track E) according to DiFX Espresso atcapos.py for the VEX time ranges that AT was scheduled under tracks A/C/E. Using Espresso updatepos.py, and the env var STADB pointing to Sched 11.6 locations.dat,

    $ atcapos.py 2022y091d09h33m51s  # c221a No0200
    $ atcapos.py 2022y091d17h34m31s  #  -"-  No0323
    $ atcapos.py 2022y093d09h30m02s  # c221c No0110
    $ atcapos.py 2022y093d17h05m02s  #  -"-  No0240
    $ atcapos.py 2022y095d09h24m40s  # c221e No0260
    $ atcapos.py 2022y095d18h20m00s  #  -"-  No0320
    $ export STADB=~/jwagner/sched/sched_11.6/catalogs/locations.dat
    $ updatepos.py ATCA AT_W45 <vexfile>

    the corresponding VEX site coordinates are:

    * W45 Track E
    site_position =  -4752098.19972 m: 2790922.2537 m: -3200491.11339 m;
    site_velocity =  -0.03099 m/yr: -0.00458 m/yr: 0.04203 m/yr;
    site_position_epoch = 50449;
    Maser data for AT are clockRate = -6.31E-08 clockEpoch = 59669.704
    Clock data are at:

    Interlaced 2-thread VDIF but "clumpy", leading to very poor DiFX data weights. Need to split out threads.

    Linear polarized receiver without hybrids. Need to relabel as X and Y in VEX file. Need to PolConvert.


    Freq setup info from K. Asada, GLT matched the 2 GHz bw with ALMA again while ALMA didn't participate. C221 tuning is different from earlier C211 tuning. 1st LO:  81. 292 000 000 GHz, 2nd LO: 6. 000 000 000 GHz, hence VEX channel edge 87292.0 MHz LSB bw 2048 MHz.

    For next years C231, GLT will likely again match ALMA tuning.

    NB: Early 2022 via issues in EHT DR2023 it turned out that the 1st LO YIG can lock to an incorrect frequency. All receivers at GLT are based on the same YIG 1st LO design. Initial lack of fringes in C221B/C/D/E (and DR2023) turned out to be because of the incorrect lock.

    Tuning was correct in C221A, but in the other tracks it was off by 63 MHz due to the YIG lock issue; effective sky freq of 87229.0 MHz LSB. Unfortunately at the time this was found out, most GMVA Spring 2022 Mark6 modules had already been recycled for GMVA Spring 2023.

    The EHT 2022 wiki obslogs link to the GLT observing log which also has GMVA track infos.


    Reference pad, info provided by M. Bremer

    31-MAR-2022 11:24:05.500 phys_ref=10    NANT=9  REFERENCE=N13
    31-MAR-2022 13:04:43.500 phys_ref=10    NANT=9  REFERENCE=N13
    31-MAR-2022 13:29:55.500 phys_ref=5     NANT=10 REFERENCE=E10
    05-APR-2022 06:56:11.000 phys_ref=5     NANT=10 REFERENCE=E10
    N13 from 31-MAR-2022 11:24:05.500 UT - 31-MAR-2022 13:04:43.500 UT, and
    E10 from 31-MAR-2022 13:29:55.500 UT - 05-APR-2022 06:56:11.000 UT
    N13 4523926.095 468031.803 4460387.693   -0.000057  0.000936 5.906611  44.634693  2594.90290219896
    E10 4524002.276 468122.784 4460301.456    0.000984 -0.000155 5.907653  44.633602  2594.9020534372

    Frequency setup as in 2022 freq spreadsheet

    Recording media


    Station Required [TB] Media Capacity Status ( May 2022)
    NL 143 MPI%1200 MPI%8021 1x 128 1x 80 MPI%1200 in Bonn, has all tracks
    MPI%8021 not returned
    PT 143 MPI%1201 MPI%8026 1x 128 1x 80 MPI%1201 in Bonn, -"-
    MPI%8026 not returned
    LA 143 MPI%1202 MPI%8028 1x 128 1x 80 MPI%1202 in Bonn, -"-
    MPI%8028 not returned
    FD 143 MPI%1203 MPI%8029 1x 128 1x 80 MPI%1203 in Bonn -"-
    MPI%8029 not returned
    BR 143 MPI%1204 MPI%8007 1x 128 1x 80 MPI%1204 in Bonn, -"-
    MPI%8007 not returned
    MK 143 MPI%1205 MPI%8008 1x 128 1x 80 MPI%1205 in Bonn
    MPI%8008 not returned -- TODO mk6dir
    OV 143 MPI%1206 MPI%8015 1x 128 1x 80 MPI%1206 in Bonn, has all tracks
    MPI%8015 not returned
    KP 143 MPI%1207 MPI%8019 1x 128 1x 80 MPI%1207 in Bonn, -"-
    MPI%8019 not returned
    HN 35 MPI%8027 1x 80 arrived in Bonn
    SC 35 MPIH%027 1x 48 arrived in Bonn -- TODO mk6dir
    NOEMA 2x 78 MPI%8048 MPI%8055 2x 80 shipped 14.06.2022
    PV 78 MPI%1100 MPI%1101 2x 112 arrived instead: MPI%8003 (RCP) and MPI%8020 (LCP)
    GB 55 MPI%8018 1x 80 arrived in Bonn
    GLT 4x 68 GLT%0013 - GLT%0015 4x64 arrived 30.5.2022, shipping company error hance late
    ALMA 4x 36 media on site already   (not observed: H-maser died)
    Haystack 57 own media   Remains at Haystack, for their own fringe test correlation.
    Uploaded a few scans of some stations for them.
    ATCA 16 own media   Destined for Bonn A:done C:done E:done - all finished 30.5.2022
    Handled by Cormac Reynolds, pushed from
    MOPRA 25 own media   pending, Cormac will push from
    EF ? e-transfer   A: done B:done C:done D:running E:pending
    Handled by Uwe Bach
    YS 99, actual:80 e-transfer   completed 20may2022, UDP 800 Mbps
    MH 99, actual:75 e-transfer   completed 20may2022, TCP htcp  ~1 Gbps
    ON 99, actual:80 e-transfer   completed 16may2022, TCP htcp ~1 Gbps
    KVN 99, actual:200? e-transfer   transfer A:done B:done C:done D:done E:done
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