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    [user9@DE601C StationConfigs]$ rspctl --help
    rspctl usage:

    --- RCU control ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    rspctl --rcu                        [--select=<set>]  # show current rcu control setting
    rspctl --rcu=0x00000000             [--select=<set>]  # set the rcu control registers
      mask       value   
      0x0000007F INPUT_DELAY  Sample delay for the data from the RCU.
      0x00000080 INPUT_ENABLE Enable RCU input.

      0x00000100 LBL-EN       supply LBL antenna on (1) or off (0)
      0x00000200 LBH-EN       sypply LBH antenna on (1) or off (0)
      0x00000400 HB-EN        supply HB on (1) or off (0)
      0x00000800 BANDSEL      low band (1) or high band (0)
      0x00001000 HB-SEL-0     HBA filter selection
      0x00002000 HB-SEL-1     HBA filter selection
                    Options : HBA-SEL-0 HBA-SEL-1 Function
                                0          0      210-270 MHz
                                0          1      170-230 MHz
                                1          0      110-190 MHz
                                1          1      all off
      0x00004000 VL-EN        low band supply on (1) or off (0)
      0x00008000 VH-EN        high band supply on (1) or off (0)

      0x00010000 VDIG-EN      ADC supply on (1) or off (0)
      0x00020000 LBL-LBH-SEL  LB input selection 0=LBL, 1=LBH
      0x00040000 LB-FILTER    LB filter selection
                               0    10-90 MHz
                               1    30-80 MHz
      0x00080000 ATT-CNT-4    on (1) is  1dB attenuation
      0x00100000 ATT-CNT-3    on (1) is  2dB attenuation
      0x00200000 ATT-CNT-2    on (1) is  4dB attenuation
      0x00300000 ATT-CNT-1    on (1) is  8dB attenuation
      0x00800000 ATT-CNT-0    on (1) is 16dB attenuation

      0x01000000 PRSG         pseudo random sequence generator on (1), off (0)
      0x02000000 RESET        on (1) hold board in reset
      0x04000000 SPEC_INV     Enable spectral inversion (1) if needed. see --specinv
      0x08000000 TBD          reserved
      0xF0000000 RCU VERSION  RCU version, read-only

    rspctl [ --rcumode        |
             --rcuprsg        |
             --rcureset       |
             --rcuattenuation |
             --rcudelay       |
             --rcuenable      |
           ]+ [--select=<set>] # control RCU by combining one or more of these options with RCU selection

           --rcumode=[0..7] # set the RCU in a specific mode
             Possible values: 0 = OFF
                              1 = LBL 10MHz HPF 0x00017900
                              2 = LBL 30MHz HPF 0x00057900
                              3 = LBH 10MHz HPF 0x00037A00
                              4 = LBH 30MHz HPF 0x00077A00
                              5 = HB 110-190MHz 0x0007A400
                              6 = HB 170-230MHz 0x00079400
                              7 = HB 210-270MHz 0x00078400
           --rcuprsg[=0]             # turn psrg on (or off)
           --rcureset[=0]            # hold rcu in reset (or take out of reset)
           --rcuattenuation=[0..31]  # set the RCU attenuation (steps of 0.25dB)
           --rcudelay=[0..127]       # set the delay for rcu's (steps of 5ns or 6.25ns)
           --rcuenable[=0]           # enable (or disable) input from RCU's

    rspctl --specinv[=0] [--select=<set>] # enable (or disable) spectral inversion

    --- Signalprocessing -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    rspctl --weights                    [--select=<set>]  # get weights as complex values
      Example --weights --select=1,2,4:7 or --select=1:3,5:7
    rspctl[,][--select=<set>][--beamlets=<set>] # set weights as complex value
    rspctl --aweights                   [--select=<set>]  # get weights as power and angle (in degrees)
    rspctl --aweights=amplitude[,angle] [--select=<set>]  # set weights as amplitude and angle (in degrees)
    rspctl --subbands                   [--select=<set>]  # get subband selection
    rspctl --subbands=<set>             [--select=<set>]  # set subband selection
      Example --subbands sets: --subbands=0:39 or --select=0:19,40:59
    rspctl --xcsubband                                    # get the subband selection for cross correlation
    rspctl --xcsubband=<int>                              # set the subband to cross correlate
    rspctl --wg                         [--select=<set>]  # get waveform generator settings
    rspctl --wg=freq [--phase=..] [--amplitude=..] [--select=<set>]  # set waveform generator settings

    --- Status info ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    rspctl --version             [--select=<set>]  # get version information
    rspctl --status              [--select=<set>]  # get status of RSP boards
    rspctl --tdstatus            [--select=<set>]  # get status of TDS boards
    rspctl --spustatus           [--select=<set>]  # get status of SPU board
    rspctl --realdelays[=<list>] [--select=<set>]  # get the installed 16 delays of one or more HBA's
    rspctl --regstate                              # show update status of all registers once every second
    rspctl --latency                               # show latency of ring and all lanes

    --- Statistics -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    rspctl --statistics[=(subband|beamlet)]        # get subband (default) or beamlet statistics
                 [--select=<set>]                  #
                 [--duration=<seconds>]            #
                 [--integration=<seconds>]         #
                 [--directory=<directory>]         #
    rspctl [--xcangle] --xcstatistics  [--select=first,second] # get crosscorrelation statistics (of pair of RSP boards)
                 [--duration=<seconds>]            #
                 [--integration=<seconds>]         #
                 [--directory=<directory>]         #

    --- Miscellaneous --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    rspctl --clock[=<int>]                         # get or set the clock frequency of clocks in MHz
    rspctl --rspclear           [--select=<set>]   # clear FPGA registers on RSPboard
    rspctl --hbadelays[=<list>] [--select=<set>]   # set or get the 16 delays of one or more HBA's
    rspctl --tbbmode[=transient | =subbands,<set>] # set or get TBB mode, 'transient' or 'subbands', if subbands then specify subband set
    rspctl --splitter[=0|1]                        # set or get the status of the Serdes splitter
    rspctl --datastream[=0|1|2|3]                  # set or get the status of data stream to cep
    rspctl --swapxy[=0|1] [--select=<set>]         # set or get the status of xy swap, 0=normal, 1=swapped
    rspctl --bitmode[=4|8|16]                      # set or get the number of bits per sample



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