Configuring a Station for GLOW Mode

    What needs to be done to configure a LOFAR station for GLOW mode:

    Set up ssh

    copy the observer public key to ~/.ssh/authorized_keys on the LCU

    Switch to wanted LOFAR Release

    check the current version of the control software with:

    swlevel -v

    check the available versions of the control software with:

    MAC_revert -s

    switch to the wanted version of the control software with:

    MAC_revert -v <version-string> -l -i

    Install the flood detection script

    copy the script to the interface machine (as user software on glow-control):

    software@glow-control:~$ scp -r kill-station glow604:

    copy the local kill-script to the LCU (from the interface machine):

    software@glow604:~/kill-station$ scp de604c:sbin/

    Generate a ssh public-key pair as ~/.ssh/killscript-key and add the public key to ~/.ssh/authorized_keys on the LCU. Afterwards the following should work:

    software@glow604:~$ ssh -i ~/.ssh/killscript-key de604c sbin/
    Station in local mode
    Killing all formed beams

    install the crontab on the interface machine:

    software@glow604:~/kill-station$ crontab crontab-glow604

    Create and Install the GLOW-Mode configuration files

    Copy the original config to glow-control:

    cd /opt/lofar/etc
    tar -cf ~/DE604-orig-config.tar RSPDriver.conf CalServer.conf TBBDriver.conf StaticMetaData/Storage+MAC.dat
    copy the tar-ball with scp to glow-control

    Modify the files:

    Add glow-mode recording machines to Storage+MAC.dat


    CalServer.conf.normal is the same as the original CalServer.conf


    Change the following lines in CalServer.conf:


    copy the original TBBDriver.conf and change the "TBBDriver.SRC_IP_ADDR..." lines to the IP-addresses for the stations TBB boards according to the GLOW-Mode IP-address scheme. E.G. for DE604:



    Copy the original RSPDriver.conf to the file for the first set of recording hosts and change:

    1. RSPDriver.LANE_..._SRCIP lines to the IP-addresses for the RSP-board-lanes according to the GLOW-Mode IP-address scheme
    2. RSPDriver.LANE_..._DSTPORT lines to the destination port-numbers assigned to this station
    3. RSPDriver.LANE_..._DSTMAC and RSPDriver.LANE_..._DSTIP to the MAC and IP addresses of the chosen recording hosts
    4. set RSPDriver.LANE_..._BLET_OUT to 99 for those lanes that are to be switched off (Make sure it is set to numbers lower than 24 for the other lanes.)

    If you use a copy of an already modified file as start for the others then you can skip step 1 and 2.

    E.g. the relevant part from RSPDriver.conf.3lane-glow02:

    RSPDriver.LANE_00_BLET_OUT= 0
    RSPDriver.LANE_00_XLET_OUT= 5
    RSPDriver.LANE_00_SRCMAC = 00:22:86:06:04:00
    RSPDriver.LANE_00_SRCIP =
    RSPDriver.LANE_00_DSTMAC = 00:02:C9:4E:DA:5A # glow02
    RSPDriver.LANE_00_DSTIP =
    RSPDriver.LANE_00_DSTPORT = 16041

    RSPDriver.LANE_01_BLET_OUT= 1
    RSPDriver.LANE_01_XLET_OUT= 5
    RSPDriver.LANE_01_SRCMAC = 00:22:86:06:04:01
    RSPDriver.LANE_01_SRCIP =
    RSPDriver.LANE_01_DSTMAC = 00:02:C9:4E:DA:5A # glow02
    RSPDriver.LANE_01_DSTIP =
    RSPDriver.LANE_01_DSTPORT = 16042

    RSPDriver.LANE_02_BLET_OUT= 2
    RSPDriver.LANE_02_XLET_OUT= 5
    RSPDriver.LANE_02_SRCMAC = 00:22:86:06:04:02
    RSPDriver.LANE_02_SRCIP =
    RSPDriver.LANE_02_DSTMAC = 00:02:C9:4E:DA:5A # glow02
    RSPDriver.LANE_02_DSTIP =
    RSPDriver.LANE_02_DSTPORT = 16043

    RSPDriver.LANE_03_BLET_OUT= 99 # switched off
    RSPDriver.LANE_03_XLET_OUT= 5
    RSPDriver.LANE_03_SRCMAC = 00:22:86:06:04:03
    RSPDriver.LANE_03_SRCIP =
    RSPDriver.LANE_03_DSTMAC = 00:02:C9:4E:DA:5A # glow02
    RSPDriver.LANE_03_DSTIP =
    RSPDriver.LANE_03_DSTPORT = 16044

    Copy the modified files to the LCU and install them

    tar -czf DE604-configs-2016-04-22.tgz DE604-Configs/
    copy the tarball to the LCU with scp
    mkdir StationConfigs
    cd StationConfigs
    tar -xzf DE604-configs-2016-04-22.tgz
    cd DE604-Configs/
    diff CalServer.conf.normal /opt/lofar/etc/CalServer.conf
    cp CalServer.conf.normal /opt/lofar/etc/CalServer.conf
    diff Storage+MAC.dat /opt/lofar/etc/StaticMetaData/Storage+MAC.dat
    cp Storage+MAC.dat /opt/lofar/etc/StaticMetaData/Storage+MAC.dat
    diff /opt/lofar/etc/TBBDriver.conf
    cp /opt/lofar/etc/TBBDriver.conf
    diff RSPDriver.conf.3lane-glow02 /opt/lofar/etc/RSPDriver.conf
    cp RSPDriver.conf.3lane-glow02 /opt/lofar/etc/RSPDriver.conf

    Copy and install the Pulsar Observing Scripts

    tar -czf LCU-scripts-2016-04-22.tgz LCU-scripts
    copy the tarball to the LCU with scp
    tar -xzf LCU-scripts-2016-04-22.tgz
    diff LCU-scripts/bashrc.LCU.example ~/.bashrc
    cp LCU-scripts/bashrc.LCU.example ~/.bashrc
    diff LCU-scripts/GOOD_RCUS.txt.example LCU-scripts/GOOD_RCUS.txt
    cp LCU-scripts/GOOD_RCUS.txt.example LCU-scripts/GOOD_RCUS.txt
    cp LCU-scripts/test-beamctl-commands.txt ~

    Copy and install psrcat

    copy the tarball with psrcat and the psrcat.db to the LCU with scp
    tar -xzf psrcat-de602.tgz

    (And get someone to clean up the mess with the psrcat.dbs...)

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