Shutting down DE601 and transfer to ILT Mode

    Shutdown and tansfer to ILT

    Notes from 22.7.2013

    • How to see and what to do if an observing script is still running???

    Log into the interface computer (lofarx)


    ssh -X observer@lofarx


    Set up SSH stuff with the following commands


    ssh-agent /bin/tcsh -l


    You will need the password for the observer account.

    Log into the DE601 LCU


    ssh -X de601c


    Check that no-one else is on the station




    If there is more than one login active (you), then check who else is logged into the station. 

    If another "user9" is logged in then contact the observers and tell them to log out.

    Check software level (should be 0)

    Kill all existing beams:




    If not in software level 0, bring it down:

    swlevel 0


    Verify that no station processes are running.  A report of swlevel 0 from the swlevel program does not necessarity mean that everything is stopped.

    ps -AF

    If there are more "user9" processes running than your own, please ask the observers to stop them or kill them yourself.

    Log out of the LCU

    Type exit or hit <CTRL-C> to log out of the LCU

    Hand the station back to ILT

    Send an e-mail to "" and "" (with CC to "") telling that we are done and that the station can be switched to ILT mode.

    One wat to do this is to run the attached "" script on your local desktop.

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