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    [user9@DE601C StationConfigs]$ beamctl --help
    log4cplus:ERROR Unable to open file: /opt/lofar/var/log/beamctl.log
    log4cplus:ERROR Unable to open file: /opt/lofar/var/log/beamctl.log
    Usage: beamctl <rcuspec> <dataspec> <digpointing> [<digpointing> ...] FOR LBA ANTENNAS
           beamctl <rcuspec> <anapointing> [<anapointing> ...] [<dataspec> <digpointing> [<digpointing> ...]] FOR HBA ANTENNAS
           beamctl --calinfo
      <rcuspec>      = --antennaset [--rcus] --rcumode
      <dataspec>     = --subbands --beamlets
      <digpointing>  = --digdir
      <anapointing>  = --anadir
    with option arguments:
      --antennaset=name # name of the antenna (sub)field the RCU's are part of
      --rcus=<set>      # optional subselection of RCU's
      --rcumode=0..7    # RCU mode to use (may not conflict with antennaset
      --subbands=<set>  # set of subbands to use for this beam
      --beamlets=<list> # list of beamlets on which to allocate the subbands
                        # beamlet range = 0..247 when Serdes splitter is OFF
                        # beamlet range = 0..247 + 1000..1247 when Serdes splitter is ON
                        # lon,lat are floating point values specified in radians
                        # type is SKYSCAN or olmost any other coordinate system
                        # SKYSCAN will scan the sky with a L x M grid in the (l,m) plane
                        # direction of the analogue HBA beam
      --help            # print this usage

    The order of the arguments is trivial.

    This utility connects to the CalServer to activate the antennas in set --antennaSet
    containing the selected RCU's. The CalServer sets those RCU's in the mode
    specified by --rcumode. Another connection is made to the BeamServer to create a
    beam on the selected antennafield pointing in the direction specified with --digdir.




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