The MPIfR has been involved in LOFAR since about 2001. In 2009 we completed the first international LOFAR station.

    THIS PAGE IS CURRENTLY UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Some pages are visible to the World (this one!) and others are restricted access. Please contact James Anderson for changes to this page. 

    People involved at MPIfR

    James Anderson is Project Manager of the LOFAR activities at MPIfR.

    Anton Zensus and members of his research group are involved. Michael Kramer and members of his research group are involved. The MPIfR's Effelsberg observatory division, the Electronic Division, the IT Division, and the general administration are also involved.

    Contact Information

    See Effelsberg_LOFAR_Contact_Information

    LOFAR Cycle 0 Proposals from MPIfR

    See LOFAR Proposals: Cycle 0: 2009 Sep 30


    There have been various documents sites created over the years. Mileage may vary, and we need to consolidate this

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