4th GTG Meeting Bonn May 6th, 2020

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    The meeting was cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic



    Action Items

    Remaining action Items from the previous meeting

    1. (de Vicente): put scripts for tau calculation on github.
    2. (Krichbaum, Correlator): investigate how feedback between PIs, correlator and stations can be improved
    3. (Pidopryhora): Talk with Blanchard about Grafana usage for GMVA.
    4. (Pidopryhora): Organize GMVA test in Jan/Feb 2019 (see minutes for details)
    5. (Pidopryhora, JIVE): Investigate BHC tool for online fringe checks
    6. (Campbell, JIVE): write requirement document for Mark6 media usage during globals.
    7. (Rottmann, Sanchez): Build flexbuf capabilities at PV after bandwidth upgrade.
    8. (Jung, Rottmann): Organize Mark6 shipment to KVN for next session.
    9. (Brisken): investigate possibilty for a meeting in Soccorro.
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