3rd GTG Meeting Granada


    1. Local Arrangements/Opening Remarks (de Vicente)
    2. Agenda
    3. Minutes and Action Items from last meeting
    4. Reports from the stations (all)
      • Report from NRAO (Brisken)
    5. Report from correlator
      • Changes in procedures/personnel (Rottmann)
        • Ros to replace Porcas as scheduler
        • Yurii P. for GMVA correlation support and test observations
      • Session 1/2017 (Yurii P.)
      • Session 2/2017 (Yurii P.)
      • Session 1/2018 (Yurii P.)
    6. GMVA observations & operations
      • 4 Gbps mode @ VLBA
      • 4 Gbps mode w. DBBC2/3
      • Media / disk space
    7. GMVA calibration - Discussion session
      • Problems with sensitivity of VLBA antennas (Krichbaum/Rottmann)
    8. AOB:
    9. closing remarks


    W. Brisken: VLBA in the GMVA
    Y. Pidopryhora: Correlation report

    Action Items

    Remaining action Items from the previous meeting

    1. (Bach) Compile and publish station  pre-check list. 
    2. (González): invesitgate possibility for front-end tone injection at Yebes.
    3. (Bach, Ef): improve Effelsberg bandpass @3mm
    4. (Himmwich, Bach, Rottmann): Find solution for creating working FS procedures from vex when using PFB flexmode
    5. (Rottmann, de Vicente): Compile information from stations about software tools in use. Setup software repository. Update: investigate whether JIVE github repository can be used.
    6. (Krichbaum, stations): increase preob time from 10s to 30s.
    7. (On, Mh): Measure gain curve before fall 2017 session.
    8.  (Krichbaum): distribute document describing station calibration procedure on the GMVATech exploder.
    9. (Correlator): establish calibration quality control at correlator.

    New action items

    1. (de Vicente): put scripts for tau calculation on github.
    2. (Krichbaum, Correlator): investigate how feedback between PIs, correlator and stations can be improved
    3. (Pidopryhora): Talk with Blanchard about Grafana usage for GMVA.
    4. (Pidopryhora): Organize GMVA test in Jan/Feb 2019 (see minutes for details)
    5. (Pidopryhora, JIVE): Investigate BHC tool for online fringe checks
    6. (Campbell, JIVE): write requirement document for Mark6 media usage during globals.
    7. (Rottmann, Sanchez): Build flexbuf capabilities at PV after bandwidth upgrade.
    8. (Jung, Rottmann): Organize Mark6 shipment to KVN for next session.
    9. (Brisken): investigate possibilty for a meeting in Soccorro.
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