2nd GTG Meeting Ventspils May 22nd 2017

    Table of contents


    1. Local Arrangements/Opening Remarks (NN)
    2. Agenda
    3. Minutes from last meeting
      • AIs from last meeting
    4. Reports from the stations (all)
      • Metsähovi (Kallunki) 10 min
      • Pico Veleta (Sanchez)
    5. Report from correlator
      • Session 1/2016 (Alef)
      • Session 2/2016 (Alef)
      • Session 1/2017 (preliminary results) (Rottmann)
      • Changes in procedures/personnel (Rottmann)
    6. GMVA observations & operations
      • News on setting-up and running observations (Bach, all))
      • Communication during observing? (Rottmann)
      • Changes in scheduling (Fringe tests, calibration runs, regular test runs)
      • repository for common GMVA tools?
    7. GMVA calibration - Discussion session
      • necessary steps to improve the calibration quality
        • weather, TPI/TPICAL/CALTEMP, chopper wheel
      • antab file generation:
      • determine K/Jy conversion on e.g. bright planet (in gaps?)
      • gain curves, new gain curves for next session
      • opacity
      • plots of TSYS, weather, tau (e.g. Ef tsm plots)
      • calibration quality control at the correlator
      • store all files on Bologna server
      • additional topics
    8. ALMA and GMVA
      • Overview of the current state
        • sampler stats and AC after each scan needed
      • calibration with full-band mode, ANTAB (DBBC2) (Bach, all)
    9. AOB:
      • control and monitoring
      • Going to 4Gbps?
      • GMVA block schedule - comments?
      • Next meeting?
    10. closing remarks


    Action Items

    1. (Bach) Compile and publish station  pre-check list.          open
    2. (All stations): invesitgate possibility for front-end tone injection.        partly open: yebes
    3. (Bach, Ef): improve Effelsberg bandpass @3mm         open
    4. (Himmwich, Bach, Rottmann): Find solution for creating working FS procedures from vex when using PFB flexmode       open
    5. (Alef, Rottmann): Obtain and circulate information from Tuccari on additional requirements for running in full_auto mode.   obsolete
    6. (Alef): Arrange with GMVA scheduler for inclusion of calibration and fringe check blocks (prior to UT 16:00)   done
    7. (Alef): Arrange with GMVA scheduler for extension of scan length & gaps to 10 minutes.    done
    8. (Rottmann, de Vicente): Compile information from stations about software tools in use. Setup software repository.       open
    9. (Krichbaum, stations): increase preob time from 10s to 30s.        open
    10. (Alef, Rottmann, Bach, Tuccari): Investigate Tsys calculation for full_auto mode    obsolete
    11. (On, Mh): Measure gain curve before fall 2017 session.     open
    12. (de Vicente): Talk to J. Cernicharo about using ATM code for tau calculation      done
    13.  (Krichbaum): distribute document describing station calibration procedure on the GMVATech exploder.      open
    14. (Correlator): establish calibration quality control at correlator         open
    15. (de Vicente): arrange for SiO maser observations approx. 1 month before GMVA session.     done


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