Session Pre-Checks

    Some notes on components to check before the start of a GMVA Session

    Expriment SNAP and procedure files

    • Run DRUDG, check the selected hardware setting (11) and produce SNAP (3) and procedure (12) files and all auxialary files you might want to look at, e.g. scan list, summary file ect.
    • Check the procedure file if all channel setting and IF inputs are correct and if the correct modes are selected for your hardware.

    Hardware status and connections

    • Check that the correct recorder/flexbuff is connected to the DBBC/Fila10G.
    • IF cabeling corresponds to procedure file.

    FS and backend

    • Start the Field System.
    • Check times with FMSET.
    • Check the correct firmware is loaded to the DBBC and Fila10G. (dbbc=version, fila10g=version)
    • Check recorder (mk5=version?)
    • Check the correct clock and input settings are set on the Fila10G (fila10g=sysstat). Might needs loading of the setup procedure before (e.g. proc=c182aef, setup01, ... wait and check)
    • After loading the setup procedure:
      • Check input level on IF
      • Check counts on PFB channels.
      • Check system temperatures with caltsys (if possible)
      • Check correct synthesizer frequency. If possible, inject a tone and check on spectrum analyser if it appears at the correct frequency.
      • Turn on phasecal for recording tests
      • Do a short test recording and run the script to look for proper bit statisitics and channel bandpass (see here as well). Phasecal tones can be checked here as well.

    Local test with antenna

    • Adjust pointing and focus
    • If possible, observe a maser or line source to confirm correct frequency settings.
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