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    Both the Mark IV and VLBA VLBI terminals use now obsolete ananlog electronics for mixing up to 14 and 8 channels respectively down to baseband. A poject was started a few years ago to develop digital converters/mixers for this task. Gino Tuccari of Noto Observatory designed and develops such a system. MPIfR (M. Wunderlich) designed the analog to digital converter boards. The first and second versions are ready now. A VSI to 10 GE converterboard will be ready in a few months.

    The production of DBBC Version 2 (DBBC.2) is about to start. From January 2009 on DBBCs can be ordered from a spin-off company called HAT-Lab, founded by IRA-INAF and supported by MPIfR (1 technician working here 1/2 time).

    Documents connected to the dBBC project

    2nd Critical design review in Bologna on 23.4.2007


    Tuccari's description of the DBBC


    Tuccari's more detailed answers to some questions


    Gino Tuccari's replies to the committee's questions


    NRAO view presented by Jon Romney


    Haystack developemt presented by Alan Whitney


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