Bonn LOFAR/SKA Focus Group Meeting 2009 Oct 27

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                                   ***  Tuesday October 27 ***
                                   ***         16:00               ***

                                        Seminar room 3.25


    • Status of the Effelsberg LOFAR station and first results (J. Anderson, anderson_LOFAR_Status_Bonn.odp)
    • Status of LOFAR rollout and commissioning (J. Anderson, see above and Wise-pipelines.pdf)
    • Long baseline fringes Effelsberg - Exloo (O. Wucknitz, 2009_bonn_lofar_ska_fringes_pres.pdf)
    • LOFAR Magnetism Key Science Project (R. Beck/J. Anderson)
    • News from the International LOFAR Working Group (A. Zensus/R. Beck)
    • News from the International SKA Steering Committee (A. Zensus)
    • New SKA technical design and timeline (R. Beck)
    • SKA Design Reference Mission (R. Beck)
    • Forthcoming workshops and conferences


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     For movies of the fringe plots from O. Wucknitz, or updated versions of the presentation, please see

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