20th EVGA Meeting and 12th Analysis Workshop 2011


    in Bonn, Germany, on invitation of the Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy

    March 28: DiFX workshop - 10 participants
    March 28: MCI Neidhardt - 5 participants

    March 29 - 30: EVGA Meeting - 80 participants
    March 31, morning: Analysis Workshop - 55 participants
    March 31, morning: DiFX workshop - 10 participants

    March 31, afternoon: Effelsberg trip - 58 seats


    LOC:  Walter Alef
    Axel Nothnagel
    Simone Bernhart
    Beate Naunheim
    Hermann Sturm

    Waiting list:

    Video streaming of the meeting:

    The meeting will be streamed to the Internet (provided all speakers give their consent).

    • Video will be fixed on the screen. A small area on the right will be visible, too, where we expect the speakers will stand.
    • Audio: There will be 2 microphones, one handheld for the chairman, one for the speaker

    Streaming address is: http://stream.mpifr-bonn.mpg.de

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