Disks sess. 2011 - 1

    JIVE correlator

     461 TB possibly up to  520 TB

    Disks at Bonn correlator

      50 TB   x1, x1.4, x1.6, x2, x2.4, 1x3.2,12 x4, x6, x8, x12

    Note: the 12TB will only be sent to Effelsberg where they will get recorded with SDK8.3 plus firmware fix for big disks.

    Disks at stations

    Station disks available new disks planned Quantization of disks in TB
    OAN-Yebes 75 TB TB 1x0.96, 7x2, 1x4, 7x8
    HartRAO 24.5 TB 0 TB 1x1.3, 1x1.6, 2x2, 3x3.2, 2x4
    Effelsberg 6 TB TB 3x2
    Shanghai 12 TB TB 1x1.48,1x3.2,2x4
    Torun 9 TB 0 TB 1x1.48, 2x4
    Onsala 21,2 TB TB 2 x1,48, 6 x2, 1 x2,4 1 x1,3
    Jodrell 17 TB  TB 2x2,1x2.4,1x3.2,1x8
    Medicina 12 TB  TB 3x1.4, 4x2
    Noto TB  TB  
    Metsähovi  TB  TB  
    Urumqi 0 TB TB  
    Westerbork 10 TB  0 TB 3x2, 1x4
    Robledo 0 TB TB x1.4
    Svetloe   16 TB  TB 2x8
    Zelenchukskaya  20 TB  TB 2x6 1x8
    Badary 12.5 TB  8 TB in JAN 1x1.3 1x3.2 1x8
    Arecibo 0 TB    


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    TB total TB total planned Including JIVE
    284 TB 8 TB 732 TB
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