Disks sess. 2010 - 2

    JIVE correlator



    Disks at Bonn correlator


     143 TB 2x1, 7x1.4, 2x1.6, 14x2, 2x2.4, 8x3.2, 10x4, 3x6, 3x8

    Note: the 8 TB modules have a size of 12TB and will only be sent to Effelsberg to be returned to Bonn.

    Disks at stations


    Station disks available new disks planned Quantization of disks
    OAN-Yebes 26 TB TB 5x4, 3x2
    HartRAO (33 TB) TB 3x4, 3x3.2, 4x2, 1x1.6, 2x1.3
    Effelsberg 14 TB 0 TB 1x2.4, 6x2
    Shanghai 4 TB TB  
    Torun 10 TB TB 1x4, 1x3.2, 1x1.6, 1x1.3
    Onsala 13 TB 0 TB 2x4 1x2 1x3,2
    Jodrell 35 TB  TB 3x8, 2x3.2, 2x2, 1x1
    Medicina  11 TB  TB 1x4, 1x3.2, 2x2
    Noto 10 TB  0 TB  
    Metsähovi  TB  TB  
    Urumqi 0 TB TB  
    Westerbork 12 TB TB  
    Robledo 1 TB 0 TB 1x1.4
    Svetloe 0 TB  TB  
    Zelenchukskaya 19.6 TB  TB  1x6, 2x4, 1x3.2, 1x2.4
    Badary 19.6 TB  TB  1x6, 2x4, 1x3.2, 1x2.4


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