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    Purpose of the test was to investigate a drop in amplitude of the last 4 BBCs of board C in the PV DBBC3 system. This drop has been seen during the GMVA fringe tests f191a and f192a.

    Test Setup

    The 4-8GHz noise source was connected to all 4 IF inputs of the DBBC3. The DDC_V 124 was loaded and all 32 BBCs were tuned to the same frequency. A test recording was done.

    Prior to the recording the system was checked by the monitorDDC.py script: PPS and samplers were in an OK state.


    All baselines to board C show a drop in amplitude between BBC 1-4 and 5-8. In addition the phase on these baselines is not constant. A double peak in the multiband delay suggests that there is a delay of approx. 6 ns between the BBC groups.


    baseline fringe plot  
    A-B AB.pdf  
    A-C AC.pdf
    A-D AD.pdf  
    B-C BC.pdf  
    B-D BD.pdf  
    C-D CD.pdf  
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